Jennifer & Damian andrews

Jenny & Damian Andrews bought then Cedar Farms Golf Course in 2016, and The Squirrel Hollow Golf Course opened shortly after! They've been happily married for 26 years. Jenny was born & raised in Battle Creek and Damian came to us from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Together, they've lived in the Creek for nearly 30 years, raising two children and many more pets! They are so excited to share their journey with you all at the Squirrel. 


BOOKER (CEO/Brand Ambassador/mascot)

Booker is a young Bernese Mountain Dog. You will never meet a dog as happy as Booker, and he is very excited to welcome every single person out at the Squirrel! When he's not greeting customers or talking business with Jenny, you will find him chewing sticks and laying in front of his favorite fan! 

You'll see Booker at the Squirrel on: 

  • Monday Mornings

  • Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Evenings


Jake andrews (staff)

Booker's Human. 

You'll see Jake at the Squirrel on:

  • Monday Mornings

  • Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Evenings